Monday, June 23, 2008

RSSmeme Expands Beyond Google Reader; 10x More Ways to Share

RSSmeme isn't a Google Reader only service anymore. Last week I wrote about leveraging the FriendFeed API to make RSSmeme gather data even faster. What I didn't tell you was the second part of that development would enable RSSmeme to support every service that FriendFeed supports.

For the last few days RSSmeme has been counting all of your Google Reader shares in addition to stories you share on Delicious, Digg, Diigo, FriendFeed, Google Shared Stuff, Magnolia, Mister Wong, Mixx, Netvibes (which our friends at ReadBurner support), and StumbleUpon. The only service missing from that list is reddit and I hope to be able to add them ASAP.

While I love Google Reader I know that it isn't perfect for everyone. RSSmeme is about "finding signal in the noise"; now that signal can come from anywhere! Looking at the leaderboard it looks like Digg Boss is a very prolific digger; digging many stories that make it to the top of RSSmeme. I'm happy to report that his diggs now count as a vote in RSSmeme!

And it requires absolutely zero registration to get started. If you have a public FriendFeed account then RSSmeme is already counting your shares! If you share the same story using multiple services it will only count the share once to keep things democratic.

You may have noticed stories reaching the RSSmeme front page without any author, source, or excerpt. This is because the story wasn't (or hasn't yet been) shared through Google Reader. Once someone does share it via Google Reader the extra meta data will appear.

So share the way you want to share; and you can bet that as FriendFeed adds more services so will RSSmeme!

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