Friday, June 20, 2008

Full Content Disabled

RSSmeme received an email yesterday afternoon threatening legal actions unless I remove a blogger's content from the site. I always believe in "better to be safe than sorry" so I removed the content and have disabled full content republishing on RSSmeme. Most people didn't even know that you could get full content on RSSmeme since the default was to show extracts but yes it was possible and yes there is a Google ad.

I am not saying that full content is gone for good. I need to do some research and discover if I can renable it; perhaps if I remove ads on pages that serve full content? If you know anything about this please reply in the comments or via email:

I wanted to thank the FriendFeed community for being so supportive. I was actually out at a jazz festival when my phone buzzed to tell me I had an email and so I posted to FriendFeed using FF To Go not thinking it would stir things up this much.

A huge thank you to Louis Gray who immediately made himself available via phone to get the full story and write up a very supportive post on the matter.

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